TWS is the bank's internal system used by leads and product owners for team-specific goal setting and budget planning.
Our team, together with the researchers from bank, conducted UX research. Hypotheses were generated and then tested with users on a clickable prototype. A UI kit was assembled to further scale the service.
TWS is an internal company system used by Product Owners to set goals and plan budgets with reference to a team. Used by: Tribe leads, Cluster leads, Product Owners.
Design audit
To start with, I did a design audit and made a document where I shared my thoughts and comments about the existing solution with the team.
I decomposed the existing UI to break it down into the elements and started working with more simple and small details.
Product Roadmap
UX Research
I worked in pairs with a UX researcher. I prepared hypotheses, scenarios and prototypes, and he on the basis of them described the research methodology.
Quantitative research. We conducted a survey by sending emails to the list of users. We found out what tasks were performed by different groups of users, what difficulties they had and what emotions they experienced from using our system. The results were collected in the table.
User interviews
I had 8 interviews with the users of the system. They were 5 Product Owners, 2 Cluster leads and 1 Tribe lead.
Wireframes > Interactive prototype > Usability testing
Usability testing was conducted on clickable prototypes of medium level of details in pair with a UX researcher. All results were documented in the guide. After the analysis I made a few edits to the interfaces and quickly tested them again before the final design.

Users reacted positively to the redesign. The most preferred type of viewing goals has not been identified — each was marked as convenient for their own purposes.
UI design

UI-Kit with a set of used components was prepared and handed over to the development team.
Goal map
The main view of the main screen is a map of goals. Here you can see the annual goals and goals by quarter.
Goal map — list
One of my solutions, based on UX research, is to create an additional view in the form of a list of goals.
Creating a Goal
It was an important task to make filling out the new goal form intuitive and easy. Testing on users showed good results: 8 out of 8 respondents completed the task. And they were satisfied with the new process.
The target-ready screen is designed to display all possible settings and information. Easy reading of the most important information.
Application module
Resource request module. The application is coordinated by different employees and then it is approved.
All the most important indicators, statuses and tasks are on one screen for a Product Manager. Everything's under control now!